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Packing is undeniably a time consuming, yet important, aspect of any move. It’s crucial that your valuables and other belongings are packed with care to minimize the risk of damage. Proper packing of furniture and possessions also makes the unpacking process easier when in your new home or office.

Falcon Moving and Storage: Packing Movers in Randolph

Consider these packing tips recommended by our Randolph, NJ moving company for a stress-free successful move.

• Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and light items in larger boxes
• Secure the seams of each box with packing tape for enhanced durability
• Ensure that each box is packed full but not over-flowing for easier stacking
• Stuff extra space in boxes with paper to prevent items from being crushed
• Label each box with its contents and give special instructions, for example: Fragile”
• Wrap fragile items individually in bubble wrap or paper and cushion the box
• Stack valuable china or glassware with a piece of paper between each piece
• Return all appliances to their original packaging, if possible
• Blankets, pillows and linens can be used as padding in boxes or stored in drawers
• Pack heavier items on the bottom of the box, while lighter items rest towards the top

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To fully protect your possessions during a move, it’s vital to use quality packing materials. At Falcon Moving and Storage, our Randolph, NJ movers provide a wide selection of boxes and packing supplies for your convenience. Unlike some other Randolph, NJ moving companies, we also offer FREE delivery of boxes on orders over $. From book and linen boxes to wrapping paper and packing tape, your entire home can be carefully packed away by our experienced movers. Randolph, NJ residents can also avoid the stress of having to pack their items themselves.

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Our competitively priced moving supplies will ensure that your items arrive at your new location unharmed by our long distance or local movers. Randolph, NJ residents can pack their items themselves or with our help, ensuring quality results that excel that provided by many other moving companies.

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Best Packing Movers in Randolph NJ
Falcon Moving and Storage will always use extreme caution when moving your furniture and valuables for a stress-free experience. Our moving and storage services outshine other local moving companies. Randolph, NJ moving professionals from our team make your relocation experience a smooth transition with the help of our local and long distance movers.

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Randolph, NJ professionals from our team are ready to handle your move safely and efficiently. When you need a moving company, Falcon Moving and Storage is the premier service to call.

We can also supply packing material if you require. Please refer to the following pricing chart as a rough guide.