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Falcon Moving and Storage: Packing Movers in West Long Branch

Who likes packing? We do! You have enough to do while planning your move packing doesn’t have to one of them. Our expert team of trained packers will come to your home before your move and carefully box any or all of your household goods. The success of a move comes down to the packing job.

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We don’t just save you time, but we save you money by having your items packed and ready to go on moving day. You don’t want your movers waiting for you to finish packing on moving day. The way you prepare your belongings for moving will make the difference in the speed of your move and the condition in which they arrive.

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The professionals at Falcon Moving and Storage can optimize your move with our expert packing services. From dishes and glassware, tools to toys, we have the materials and experience you need to get the job done.

Packing is time consuming, frustrating and distracting, professionals have systems and are far more efficient, leaving you time to handle other aspects of your move. Whether we pack just certain items, or pack your entire household, our packing services are designed to ease your stress, lesson your frustrations, and give you peace of mind.

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We Can Un-Pack Too

Falcon Moving and Storage expert packers can unpack you as easily as they packed you. We can unpack all or just part of your household goods. The stacks of boxes can really be daunting, let Falcon Moving and Storage get you settled into your new home sooner. Our unpacking services allow you to get back to normal, and back to your life without the mess and frustration of endless towers of boxes.

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The following suggestions for packing are general guidelines. Use your own discretion when packing your belongings. You may also check our moving & packing links for more information.
• Pack heavy items in small boxes. Records, books, canned food, cd’s and dvd’s, etc.
• Pack light items in large or extra large boxes. Linens, comforters, pillows, sheets, etc.
• Wrap china and all fragile items in paper individually. Large plates should be placed on their sides with wadded up paper in the bottom of the box for cushioning.
• Make sure all boxes are sealed top and bottom of the box, always check recycled boxes for appropriate taping, label the box on the top and side according to room location.
• Under-packing or over-packing boxes can lead to damage. Pack all boxes to the top, and if you have excess room fill with paper.
• Use plenty of packing materials, it is important to put a good layer of materials at the bottom and top of boxes containing fragile items.
• Use sturdy boxes. Boxes that have seen too many moves may not hold your belongings as safe as a newer box.